Each time I write, I reaffirm my soul

Does the soul exist? Does the question really matter? Even if there isn’t a ghost-like spirit within each of our bodies, we recognize that within all of us there is an inner essence that behaves as if it were a soul, something that is individually me.

All too often in these modern times, we lose touch with our soul. We’re caught up in the material world that says if something cannot be physically sensed it cannot be real. We’re trapped in a mass of humanity in which our individual say and views possess too little weight to make a difference.

Writing, however, allows you to reaffirm your soul, to reaffirm your core being.

When writing, the words flow from the essence of who you truly are. When you edit those words, either in your head or on paper, you conduct a dialogue with your very self. You might decide in that conversation whether those words best express who you really are or if they portray yourself as the way you wish to be seen. If honest with yourself, you will seek the words that express who you are.

When writing, if you are true to yourself, you will feel less constrained. The rest of the world expects you to conform to its various standards – dress this way, speak like this, act this way, think like this – but when writing, the only one you’re accountable to is you. Your characters can dress, speak, act and think any way you choose. Writing liberates you, allows you to express your individuality.

When writing, if you allow yourself to be free, you will recognize your inner beauty. No matter the shape of your body, the color of your hair, or the scars upon your skin, each of us as writers possess the ability to create. That special talent, regardless of how much it has been honed or shaped, is beautiful. And whatever we create is an expression of our innermost self, meaning your very core shines brilliantly.

To break down barriers that separate you from yourself, to be free, to recognize your own beauty, feels wonderful. It is like being told you are loved, that who you are is worthy, that you are cherished. It is a gift of great kindness that you give to yourself.