Market your book with endorsements

When promoting your book, you always should have a website, send out press releases to bloggers and mainstream media, and arrange book readings/signings to ensure the title is properly promoted. But those aren’t the only things you can do. In fact, they may not be enough. One marketing effort you might want to consider is obtaining endorsements.

If you know experts in your profession – say astronauts if you’re writing about space travel or a recognizable novelist if writing fiction – ask them to read your book and write a line or two that can be quoted on the back of your book with the blurb. These endorsements also might be placed on your website. When a celebrity or expert endorses your book, it instantly gives it credibility among a number of readers. If you don’t know any such experts, send them a copy of your book and ask if they might consider writing a line or two about it that you would use in your publicity.


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