Post PowerPoint presentations related to book

One great way to inform people about your nonfiction book is SlideShare. This social media site allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, and PDFs for free.

SlideShare is very visual-oriented, meaning few words (think bullet points or pithy sayings) and lots of infographics or illustrations to go with those words. If you’ve already converted a blog entry into a presentation that you’ve used at a conference, workshop or book reading, you’ve probably got something you already can upload to SlideShare. If not, you easily can write a 7-10 slide presentation by distilling a blog entry to a few words.

Always add the URL to the website for your books, usually at the end of the presentation. SlideShare readers want content first, and if they make it through your entire program, they likely will want to read more of what you have to say and even go more in depth. Your book provides them that opportunity, hopefully netting you a sale.

As LinkedIn runs SlideShare, you can post your presentations on your LinkedIn profile. Of course, you also can link to the presentation on your other social media sites, such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Posting links at each of these sites can help your SlideShare presentation go viral.