‘The pleasure of each word I write is returned to me multiplied.’

Sometimes objects placed together are greater than the sum of their parts. A molecule of hydrogen and two molecules of oxygen are wonderful on their own, but combined they result in water, which opens the possibility for whole new worlds. The four Beatles each were great musicians in their own right, but together they created music that transcended their individual talents and influenced generations of artists to follow.

Likewise, the words on your page as separate entities are interesting, but combined into sentences then into paragraphs and scenes, they produce something greater: a short story, a novel, an article, a nonfiction book.

As a writer, you gain from seeing your work grow, evolve and ultimately reach completion. Just as a reader finds a completed story more satisfying than any single few sentences from it, so you also will find the larger work personally more fulfilling than a paragraph or two from it. This feeling grows in intensity with each word you complete.

Indeed, think of the great pleasure writing a lone, powerful image or a riveting two-line exchange of dialogue brings you. Now think of how much more gratifying that image will be when strung through your story as a motif or when that dialogue is extended to three, four or five lines.

Imagine the delight you will feel as you finish a chapter and the exhilaration you’ll experience at completing your manuscript!