When I reach for my pen, nothing is out of reach

The very act of writing is a testament that anything is possible.

Writing brings reality to what we cannot now do: the technology to travel to other solar systems; use of magical potions to immediately heal an injured comrade; the ability to cross the Old West or sail aboard a Roman galleon. Whether you pen fiction that creates a story centered on these impossibilities or nonfiction that details the path toward obtaining such dreams, writing transforms a vision in one’s head into something tangible.

The fuel for this transformation is one’s imagination; the devices that this creativity drives vary from pen and paper to keyboard and computer memory, from paperback to ebook.

When our visions become something tangible that others enjoy as well as learn and grow from, they can ignite within readers the desire to make that dream more than just words on a page. The annals of science fiction are ripe with readers who became engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs that made visions of space travel, new communication devices, and medical cures a reality of our modern times. Political, economic and philosophical tomes have spawned new ways of thinking about our world that whole generations then embraced and constructed.

Are you lonely and seeking love? Write a romance. Do you dream of greater wealth? Write a guidebook to investing. Want to visit mysterious Incan ruins? Write a travelogue or an action-adventure novel.

For with your pen, you can go anywhere and achieve any wish you desire.