Speak about book’s topic to various groups

When promoting your book, you don’t have to limit public appearances to book signings or radio/television interviews. You might consider creating a presentation related to your latest book’s topic and then finding places to present it. Of course, your book(s) will be on a hand for sale, and you’ll be introduced as the author and such-and-such title. In short, you’re using your status as an author to speak to a group rather than pitching yourself as someone with a book to sell.

Some possible organizations or groups where you might make a presentation include:
• Book clubs
• Civic groups (such as Chamber of Commerce, Lion’s Club, Toastmasters, etc.)
• College classes (Unless you wrote a book for children or teens, shy away from classes with minors, as they don’t buy books.)
• Organizations related to your book topic (e.g. if your book is about hiking, speak to the local hiking club?)
• Women’s organizations
• Writer’s groups

Don’t forget to promote your appearance in the local media and on your social media platforms. Hopefully, local media will cover the event, giving you another outlet for selling your book!