Use various kinds of presentations to pitch book

Public presentations are a great way for authors to sell their books. Usually such presentations allow you to get publicity for the event, meaning that those attending usually have a strong interest in your book’s topic. Such a captive audience can be introduced to other books you’ve written, increasing sales of your older titles.

There are many different kinds of public presentations you can make:
• Book reading – This format works particularly well for novels and poetry or essay collections. It usually includes a formal introduction of you by the event’s host. Sometimes several authors will read their works in a single program.
• Topical presentation – Nonfiction writers often can use this method by offering workshops or breakout sessions at conventions and special gatherings. Specific programs might be presented at bookstores or other retailers who sell items related to your book’ topic (such as an outfitters store if you write about canoeing).
• Meet and greet – Book signings and simply having a table at a bookstore or retailer allows readers to meet you and learn more about your books. While not all who pass your table will want to interact, over a couple of hours you’ll probably have a larger turnout than at a book reading.
• Combo – Often a book reading is followed by a book signing while a topical presentation includes a meet and greet opportunity. Giving potential buyers of your book multiple ways of connecting with you almost always increases your sales.