Use Instagram to promote your books

Among the most popular forms of social media today is Instagram. People share on this site photos they’ve taken – of places they’ve traveled, of important events in their life, of crafts they’ve made, and so on. As an author, you can leverage Instagram to increase your book sales.

For nonfiction, this is easy enough. Simply make sure each blog entry you write has a photo with it. If you’ve written a book about kayaking, for example, your blog entries might be of rivers you’ve paddled; always be sure to include a picture with that blog entry. On Instagram, post that photo with a link back to your blog. Instagram’s photo caption can be the blog entry’s title. Sprinkle in photos of book covers with these posts.

Fiction books are a little more difficult but with some creativity still can be marketed at Instagram. For example, photos of people reading your book, pictures of an interior page from a book that includes an interesting photo, or pics of places that inspired settings in your novel all would work.

Be sure to include hashtags with your photo to maximize the chances that someone will stumble across it. Because people are visually oriented, they are willing to quick glance at your photo…and if it gains their interest, they’ll explore further. Hopefully, this will lead to more visitors at your blog and to additional book sales.

Instagram photos also can be tweeted, posted at Facebook, even stuck on a board at Pinterest. This further increases the chances that a number of potential readers will discover you simply through a single posted picture.