Writing Affirmation: I write to find strength

Life can be difficult, and all too often during those times we feel that there’s no way out or that no one is there for us. In the face of such troubles, we can find our energy waning, our desire to struggle onward weakening.

Fortunately for authors, though, one practice for restoring peace of mind is tried-and-true – writing.

Writing allows you to follow your heart. When taking pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you are doing what excites your soul and what you believe in. In the past, you have had faith in that path leading you to happiness, and it will lead there again.

Writing allows you to learn. As developing your story, you may have to research historical periods, geographic locales, scientific ideas and more. Most importantly, you discover more about your thoughts and values, of who you are.

Writing allows you to grow. Every writing session allows you to hone your writing skills and to reflect upon the world and your heart. You leave each session improved.

Writing allows you to relax. As you sit in a quiet place, a warm cup of your favorite tea or coffee within reach, you can lose yourself in imagination; your writing is a daydream transcribed.

Writing allows you to plan. You organize your thoughts and dreams into an imagined world with internal consistency, bringing order through your creativity to the natural chaos that surrounds you.

Writing allows you to laugh. In an imagined world, you always can create humorous scenes for characters to joke with one another, offering you the medicine needed to heal or to remain healthy.