Writing affirmation: A real writer doesn’t quit

The moment you write – even if not a published author – you are a writer. The moment you stop, you cease to be one. And by “stop” I don’t mean pause for the day so you can sleep, cook or shower. I mean when you give up on writing, thinking you’ll never master the craft and that no one ever will read your work.

Those thoughts are self-fulfilling prophesies. Of course, you’ll never master the craft of writing – how can you when you’re not writing? And of course no one ever will read your work – how can they when you haven’t yet published your writing?

The key to success in any endeavor is persistence. Basketball players succeed, for example, because they constantly practice shooting the ball. Attorneys succeed because they research the law until they find the argument that best supports their client. Musicians succeed because they keep working on a melody until they develop one that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Writers succeed because they keep writing.

Will you persist or give up?


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