Steps in organizing a book presentation

When organizing a book signing, reading, or other presentation related to your title, you might want to break down your effort into several smaller steps. Doing so will allow you to better tackle what is a much larger endeavor that most imagine.

Among the steps to consider are:
• Determine if a book presentation is right for you – Any book event you participate in has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages for your sales. Sometimes a book event isn’t worth the effort…other times, it can yield more than you ever anticipated!
• Decide the type of book presentation you will deliver – The kind of book you’re promoting and your sales goals can help you select the best kind of presentation to give.
• Choose where to give your presentations – For varying reasons, some venues are better than others. And there are more places than bookstores and libraries to promote your book!
• Arrange the presentation – You probably will give a presentation in a public setting; knowing how to set that up with the right person is necessary to ensuring the event is real rather than something being thought about.
• Promote your presentation – People will not just magically show up at your event. You will need to market your marketing effort!
• Prepare for a presentation – Few people can just show up at a presentation and wing it. You should have a plan for what you will do at your event.
• Deliver the presentation – A presentation always consists of three parts: set up at the location before the event begins; delivering the presentation before an audience; and interacting with the audience after the presentation.


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