Do something special – write a book!

Did you know that 81 percent of Americans feel that they have book in them, according to a recent survey published in The New York Times?

And how many of them actually write a book? If they all did, out of 320 million Americans, then 259,200,000 would. While sometimes the number of titles in your genre suggest that all 259.2 million people actually did, obviously that’s not the case.

Indeed, that’s why so many people are in awe when you say you’re a writing a book. You’re doing something so many of them wish they could. Yes, you know the latest paragraph in your book needs some major revising, but at least you’ve written a paragraph rather than just thought about it.

Now if you want to do something really noteworthy, actually finish that book. Only 3 out of every 100 people who start writing a book complete it, according to the blog Utterances of an Overcrowded Mind.

And if you really want to do something absolutely rare, actually publish the book you’ve finished. Only 1 in 5 people who complete their writing go on to publish it. In short, for every 1000 who start a book, only 30 will complete it…and of that 30, only six will publish.

Be unique and stand out by doing something almost everyone wishes they could do but don’t – finish writing and then publish your book!