How to promote multiple books on your website

Previous entries here were predicated on the idea that you are promoting a single, new volume, particularly one that has just been published. However, it’s possible that you already have published other books. If so, you’ll want to promote those books, too, on your website. After all, if a reader really likes your new book, they are highly motivated to purchase your older volumes.

Your website then could take a whole new direction: It could be more about you the author than about the new book. You would still use the same elements as if you were promoting a single book, but the text and pictures on those pages would be geared toward promoting you as an author who has written several books.

Or your website could remain focused on your new book. Still, the text on your varying pages should reflect the fact that you’ve got other books for sale. For example, the header on your home page might now say:
Read “Raze and Ruin” the latest stunning novel by award-winning author Rob Bignell!

In addition, you probably want to include on your site a page that lists the other books you’ve published. Such a page should have the following elements:
• Header – The title should indicate that these are “Other Books by (Author’s name)”. Then Include a couple of explanatory lines indicating that on this page are previously published books that you’ve authored.
• Photo of each book’s cover – This only needs to be a thumbnail and only of the front cover.
• Blurb for each book – This essentially is a synopsis of the book. List any awards the book has received and include quotations praising it, especially if from prominent individuals or reviewers.
• Link for purchasing each book – Send the site visitor straight to the page where they make a purchase, such as the page for your book.

To decide which direction to go, be honest with yourself: Are people likely to purchase your book because you wrote it or because the story would really interest them? If you have a highly recognizable name – such as Stephen King, Danielle Steel or Larry Niven – people will give the book a look merely because your name is established as an author who turns out great tomes. Such authors ought to have a website focusing on them as an author. If not a single person in a group of people you don’t know would recognize your name, then you’re going to sell books because the story is intriguing. In that case, have the website focus on pushing your new book with opportunities for your new, loyal fans to discover your other published works.


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