Should you buy publisher’s insurance?

If you’re establishing your own publishing company, you may want to consider purchasing insurance against copyright infringement, defamation, right of publicity, invasion of privacy, negligence, and more. This is loosely called a “publisher’s policy”.

Generally speaking, such policies are far too expensive for a writer who has only self-published a book or two. The premiums alone will far outstrip your royalties.

However, once you’ve written a series of books – especially if they’re about controversial topics – and particularly if you expand your business to handle books by other authors, an insurance policy probably is necessary to guard against libel and copyright infringement.

Should you be interested in finding out more about such policies, The Authors Guild offers a list of recommended providers. The Small Publishers Association of North America and the Publishers Marketing Association also offer policies in which you can participate, but you’ll first have to join those organizations (which is an added expense!).