Hire a professional, experienced editor to guide your book through the self-publishing process! I’ve self-published myself and have helped a number of other first-time authors through the confusing and sometimes baffling steps of getting a book printed.

Going it alone can cost you many frustrating hours and a lot of unnecessary dollars diagnosing and correcting formatting problems. Take the worry out of the process by letting me handle it for you.

You can bundle any or all of the following services:
• Cover text – I’ll pen the back cover blurb and other cover text for your book; the blurb also can be used on websites to promote your book.
• Author’s bio – Every writer needs a bio that appears at the end of his book, and I can quickly write yours; this bio also can be used elsewhere to help promote your book.
• Cover design – I can create basic covers for paperbacks and ebooks that are uploadable to print on demand websites and that you can use on your website or in promotional material.
• Back and front material – A half-title page, title page, table of contents, acknowledgements and dedication all can be created for your book so you can focus on writing the main text!
• Editing or proofreading of book – Let me make a final sweep of your book to ensure it is error free! Find out more.
• Format book – I’ll ensure your book looks professional in a Microsoft Word document that can be uploaded to almost any self-publishing service!
• ISBN purchases – I’ll handle the purchasing of legitimate, official ISBNs from Bowker, taking care of all the paperwork so you can focus on writing.
• Upload book – Why try to figure out trim sizes and bleeds and all of the other jargon that comes with self-publishing? I can upload your formatted book and cover to a self-publishing site!
• Press releases – I can author a professional press release that will ensure you get the attention of newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and bloggers!

The rate for each of the above services (except editing/proofreading) is $40 an hour. Some of the services – such as writing a cover blurb or setting up a social media site, can be done in as little time as an hour. Other services – such as formatting a book and uploading the book – may take several hours depending on your page count. There may be additional subscription expenses to set up a website or purchase an ISBN that are not paid to Rob.

Contact me today to contract for these services. Indicate which ones you are interested in having done and your book’s word count. I then will quote you an estimate of the time needed to complete each service and a price for the project. Throughout the entire project, you will have final say on each service, from approving the cover blurb to giving the okay on your book before it is printed.

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