What My Clients Say…

“From the beginning, Rob proved to be a valuable editor. Getting a writer to accept feedback and edit his or her work is not an easy task. But with professional compassion, honest feedback, and supportive guidance, Rob became a trusted collaborator and mentor. I credit Rob with helping me greatly improve my writing…” – JD Mendenhall

I have never been disappointed with Rob’s work. His editorial skills have brought out the best of me as an author. – Lloyd Kaneko

“I have recently finished writing my first novel and was so fortunate to have Rob Bignell as my editor. … One of the first things that impressed me about Rob was how he responded so quickly to my questions and was very eager to help. He has replied to my emails nights and weekends. His extensive background as an English professor, journalist and author gives him the credibility necessary to help work with new or experienced writers. I highly recommend Rob’s services to anyone as he is prompt, professional and courteous.” – Cherie Bratcher

“I went through three different editors before Rob…Rob was the most effective and professional editor of them all. With each step, he provided clear communication of expectations and followed through ahead of scheduled deadlines. This was done while also providing higher levels of quality editing at a much lower cost.” – Brian Cox

“I believe that his professionalism, efficiency, organization and mastery of the English language, not to mention his promptness in returning my work after editing, were all reasons I have been able to make submission deadlines on time and also have my work accepted by several publishers.” – Lasher Lane

“There is a quality about Rob that engenders trust, something that is far too lacking these days in the publishing industry or for that matter, almost anywhere. It is pleasant to have someone actually do what they say they will do and do it when they say it will be done. – Chris Berman

“Out of all the editing services that I researched, Rob’s prices were, and still are, the most reasonable. Being affordable does not mean that his editing is not as thorough as other editors; to the contrary, he’s right up there with the best of them.” – Thonas Rand

“Rob regularly edits our legal documents, usually a couple but sometimes as many as four a week, to ensure that our clients’ needs are properly represented in federal court…Rob always has been personable and professional in dealings with me and my staff. All of us in my law office are happy to work with him, and we hope we’ll be able to do so for many years to come.” – Christopher Grobelski, Esq.

“Searching for a quality proofreader for my third novel, I had the good fortune of finding Rob Bignell. Bottom line: Quoted a reasonable price. Did exactly what he said he’d do. Did it in less time than he estimated. That’s the kind of performance I’ve found rare in the writing world.” – Alan Robertson

“His edits were not only technical and grammatical; they were also insightful – assisting with story consistency and occasionally questioning character motivation. I used almost all of his suggestions in the published novel and re-wrote a couple chapters, improving them, based on an idea first surfaced by Rob.” – Byron Lee Wade

“One thing I know for sure after working with Rob is that I was very lucky to find the right editor for my writing! I hope to work with him continuously in the future. I would love to work with him every time when I have a new piece of writing to edit.” – Irina Timchenko

From first communication through completion of this interior build, Rob has responded quickly, provided the build in a very timely way, and answered questions along the way effectively and efficiently. You can’t beat his prices either! If you are looking for the consummate professional in book building services, look no further; Rob is your man! – Sherrie Palm

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