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With this book, you’ll develop a strategy that will get articles about your self-published book in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television programs, posted on blogs and linked to on websites, while landing you book signings and readings, all at virtually no cost.

Simply set aside seven minutes a day – between classes, in the morning before your family gets up, or during lunch at work. In that time, take a minute or two to read one “step.” Then for another five minutes write as instructed in the You Do It section that follows.

Each task you complete in the You Do It sections builds upon the previous one, allowing you to quickly self-publish your book.

This book has repeatedly topped Amazon.com’s bestseller lists for writing guidebooks.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Promote Your Book?

Media Kit
Step 1. Gather Items for Media Kit
Step 2. Write a Press Release
Step 3. Distribute Your Media Kit for Publicity
Step 4. Overcome ‘Rejection’: Why Some Media Ignored You

Step 5. Plan a Website Promoting Your Book
Step 6. Determine Your Website’s Appearances
Step 7. Decide Pages for Your Website
Step 8. Make Your Website Navigable
Step 9. Construct Your Website’s Home Page
Step 10. Create an ‘About the Author’ Page
Step 11. Offer Readers a Sample Chapter
Step 12. Add a Contact Page to Your Website
Step 13. Tell ‘What Others are Saying’
Step 14. Provide Readers with Interview of Author
Step 15. Offer Photo Gallery for Media
Step 16. Generate Book Reading Opportunities
Step 17. Blog about Your Writing Progress
Step 18. Sell Products Related to Your Book
Step 19. Market Multiple Books on Your Website
Step 20. Drive Traffic to Your Website
Step 21. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Social Media
Step 22. Start Blogging!
Step 23. Keep Blogging!
Step 24. Develop a Following via Facebook
Step 25. Post Videos on YouTube
Step 26. Tweet Your Book to Popularity

Public Appearances
Step 27. Arrange Public Book Readings/Signings
Step 28. Ensure Successful Book Reading
Step 29. Speak at Writing Conferences, Event
Step 30. Appear on Radio Interviews
Step 31. Land Television Interviews

Step 32. Open Several Online Storefronts
Step 33. Develop Widgets for Other Websites
Step 34. Target Specific Audiences to Sell Book
Step 35. Complete Your Amazon.com Page
Step 36. Set up Goodreads Author’s Page
Step 37. Find Others to Review Your Book
Step 38. Advise What to Write in Book Review
Step 39. Carry Business Cards Wherever You Go

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Purchase the book…
• Paperback

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