Promote your book at writing conferences

Another way to promote your book is through a public appearance at a writing conference. Writing organizations, colleges and other groups offer a wide variety of such programs. Typically, they help writers develop their skills, learn the industry, and make connections.

There are number of ways you could make a public appearance at a writing conference:
• Workshop program – During the day, some conferences give attendees the opportunity to attend sessions about different elements of writing, from the craft itself to the business side of the industry. Find a niche that relates to what you’ve written and offer a session.
• Panelist – Sometimes conferences offer discussion programs on various writing topics for attendees. Perhaps you have a unique perspective on a topic that would fit panel discussions being offered.
• Keynote speaker – If well-known enough, you could be a speaker at the conference’s luncheon or dinner. Following the meal, you would present a speech to those attending.

You’ll have to pitch yourself to a conference organizers to become one of these speakers. A number of websites offer lists of upcoming conferences with contact information. Personally, I find the Writers’ Conferences & Centers website useful.

Likewise, if you’ve written a nonfiction book, consider speaking at trade conferences related to the subject matter you wrote about. After all, now that you’ve written a book about it, you’re a de facto expert on the subject.