7 Minutes a Day to a Self-Published Book

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Whether writing a novel or nonfiction, whether planning to print a paperback or an ebook, this book guides you through the self-publishing process, from the title page to the index, from designing a cover to formatting your text.

Simply set aside seven minutes a day – between classes, in the morning before your family gets up, or during lunch at work. In that time, take a minute or two to read one “step.” Then for another five minutes write as instructed in the You Do It section that follows.

Each task you complete in the You Do It sections builds upon the previous one, allowing you to quickly self-publish your book.

This book has repeatedly topped Amazon.com’s bestseller lists for writing guidebooks.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The New Reality

Should You Self-Publish?
Step 1. Learn about Self-Publishing
Step 2. Determine Costs
Step 3. Obtain What You Need to Self-Publish
Step 4. Meet Computer Requirements for Self-Publishing
Step 5. Ensure Your Manuscript is Ready to Self-Publish
Step 6. Find a Good Editor or Proofreader
Step 7. Avoid Copyright Infringement
Step 8. Select a Self-Publishing Company
Step 9. Create Your Own Publishing Company
Step 10. Name Your Publishing Company

Readying Your Book for Self-Publication
Step 11. Choose Typeface for Your Text
Step 12. Establish Styles for Your Text
Step 13. Design Title Pages
Step 14. Create a Table of Contents
Step 15. Make Some Acknowledgements and a Dedication
Step 16. Add a Foreword, Preface and Introduction
Step 17. Prepare Core of Your Book: Main Text
Step 18. Include Sidebars and Breakout Boxes
Step 19. Write Your Nonfiction Book’s Bibliography
Step 20. Place Appendix for Nonfiction Book
Step 21. Construct Index for Nonfiction Book
Step 22. Entice Readers with Excerpt from Your Next Book
Step 23. Impress Readers with Your Author’s Bio
Step 24. Consider Pros and Cons of Pen Names
Step 25. Determine Book’s Trim Size
Step 26. Establish Your Book’s Margin
Step 27. Format Your Manuscript
Step 28. Position Artwork inside Book
Step 29. Create Folios for Your Pages

Should You Self-Publish?
Step 30. Consider Pros and Cons of Copyrights
Step 31. Purchase an ISBN
Step 32. Select Paper Quality
Step 33. Design Book’s Cover to Attract Attention
Step 34. Design Your Book’s Front Cover
Step 35. Handling Your Front Cover’s Artwork
Step 36. Develop Elements of Back Cover
Step 37. Write Winning Blurb for Back Cover
Step 38. Keep Cover’s Spine Simple
Step 39. Ponder Pros and Cons of Extra Services
Step 40. Review Proof before Okaying It
Step 41. Convert Your Paper Book into Ebook

Distributing Your Book
Step 42. Select Array of Distribution Channels to Sell Your Book
Step 43. Determine Your Book’s Price
Step 44. Promote Your Self-Published Book
Step 45. Watch Book Sales Stats…Sparingly


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