Potential locations for book presentations

Once you’ve decided that a public presentation is a good way to promote your book, you’ll need to find some spots to hold your event. Identifying those locales can help you determine what kind of presentation (book signing, topical presentation, etc.) you’ll make and place you on the path for contacting the right people to set up such an event.

Among the many locations you might deliver a presentation with the aim of selling your book include:
• Bookstores – Though the obvious choice for holding a book-related event, it may not be the best location. Don’t waste time appearing at bookstores that lack a connection to your book; only hold events at stores in which you either are a local author or your book somehow has a connection to the region the store is located. Locally-owned bookstores will be more receptive to your self-published book than chains.
• Retailers/institutions related to your book’s topic – Always think about what stores and spots (other than bookstores and libraries) where you might purchase books similar to the one you’ve written. For example, if you’ve written a travel guide to an area, then outfitters or the gift shop at the local tourism office might wish to carry your book and hence host an event.
• Conferences/conventions related to your book’s topic – Such events usually offer breakout sessions, workshops, or booths in which you can appear. The book sale generally comes after your presentation has impressed upon your audience that you are interesting and know your stuff.
• Institutions of learning – Libraries and colleges often will host book-related events. Typically a library holds a book reading/signing similar to a bookstore while at a college you’ll have to give to students a presentation much like you would at a conference/convention.
• Writers festivals – Often colleges and regional arts groups host such events for writers and readers. You can set up a table on a “writers row” or make a presentation about your writing experience at such festivals.


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