Sell books by posting at high-traffic blogs

One great way to sell books online – especially if you write nonfiction – is by commenting on posts at high-traffic blogs related to your book’s topic. That’s because you’re targeting an audience that is highly interested in the topics you’ve written about.

Begin by identifying the high-traffic blogs. Pick one or two words that best describe your book(s)’ topic. Then, in your favorite search engine, type “top (topic) blogs”, with the (topic) being the word or two you’ve selected; for example, if you write books about camping, type “topic camping blogs”. Usually you’ll find blog entries or articles that list such blogs. Check out each of the listings, learning your way around them and seeing if they best relate to your book. From this search, create your own list of the10-20 top blogs.

Next, on at least a couple of them a day, leave comments that don’t directly promote your book but instead offer something valuable for other visitors to read. You’re establishing yourself, via the comments, as an expert on the topic.

Eventually, other readers will come to recognize your name and see you as an expert. As they do, they’ll look up info about you, or even better the owner of the blog may ask you to write a guest commentary in which an author’s bio tells who you are. Side note: You can boost your standing with the blog owner by posting links to the blog entry via retweeting, posting a pic on your Pinterest board, making a Facebook shout out, and so on.

While leaving comments and publishing a blog entry may only lead to the sale of a couple of books, in the long run it offers a number of cumulative benefits – you probably will add people to your mailing list, gain link backs to your website that boost its visibility, and develop a network that can lead to later sales.

To be ultra-efficient, write comments that can be used in a book you plan to write so that way you pick two flowers with one swipe. For example, if your next camping book is about tents, focus your comments on blog entries related to tents. Be sure to add the posted paragraphs in your notes for the tent book.


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