Marketing Tip: Update your email signature

Every personal email you send out can include an unobstrusive ad for your books. Simply utilize your email signature as a promotion. After all, you probably email a number of people beyond friends and family; some of the recipients of your emails may never have heard of your books yet might be interested in them.

Rather than write your job position or phone number, instead write a promo for your book that is just a few sentences long, such as “NOW AVAILABLE! ‘7 Minutes a Day to…’ Quick Practical Guidebooks to Writing, Self-Publishing and Promoting Your Book, by award-winning author and editor Rob Bignell.” Place the text in boldface and include a link to where readers can purchase your books. Include a thumbnail of the book covers (I include a collage of four of my books’ covers).

If possible, do the same with your signature on message boards you participate in. Be sure to check your boards’ policies first, however; some boards prohibit this as an advertisement.