Writers can blog about variety of topics

The biggest question facing any writer is what to blog about. You’ve got lots of options:
• Future appearances – Upcoming book signings/readings, guest speaking appearances, and appearances on radio and TV broadcasts all can be promoted on your blog. After the events are held, be sure to blog about them as well, giving pictures from the event if possible.
• Mentions of your book – Anytime your book or yourself appear in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter or blog, write about it. Include links to the articles or reviews. Other bloggers particularly will appreciate the plug and are likely to remember you for your next book.
• Updates on the author’s next book – If a reader likes you enough to follow your blog, they’ll be curious when your next book is coming out. You probably don’t want to give too much away about the book or you run the risk of giving a spoiler. But you can about your progress and maybe some of the research you’re doing.
• Announcements of your other published work – Plug when articles or stories you’ve written have come out in magazines or in online journals.
• Awards received – Should you receive any awards for your writing or if penning nonfiction related to the subject matter you write about, announce them.
• Your thoughts on other books – Focus on books in your genre or on your subject matter. Don’t write a scathing review lest you sound like you’re trying to plug your book.
• Your tips on subject matter – As a published author, you’re now an expert! If you’ve penned fiction, you may focus on the craft of writing. If you’re authored a nonfiction book, share advice about your subject matter; for example, my Hikes with Tykes blog covers gear, medical emergencies, great trails, hiking games and activities, and more, all related to hiking with children.
• Answer readers’ questions – Such questions might include seeking of advice about the subject matter, wondering why certain events occurred in your novel, or inquiries about your background. Be polite and helpful to such readers, even if they’re question shows they’re a jerk.


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