Let powerful energy of inner muse guide you

No one is born being afraid of telling a story. People learn to distrust themselves. But if they can learn fear, then they also can learn to again trust their creativity and to tell the great tales inside them.

Remember: That teachers, editors, family members or even experts have said you never would be a writer doesn’t matter. The only voice of any importance is your inner critic.

Struggling with this inner critic is your inner muse that keeps coming up with story ideas, with scenes, with pithy lines of dialogue and intriguing imagery, with outlines of whole books. Writers through the centuries have recognized the power of this muse. The ancient Greeks believed she was a goddess whispering in your ear. The Romantics believed it was the love for a woman inspiring you. Scientists say it’s the way your brain neurons have wired themselves to be creative. Regardless of why it occurs, the fact is that you if enjoy writing and are creative, some inner power drives your passion for penning stories or poems.

If you are to be a successful writer, your inner critic must instead listen to your muse and turn a deaf ear to those who pooh-poohed your writing abilities.

Until that occurs, the inner critic will throw the anchor despite that a good wind pushes your boat’s sails. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in one place. Embrace your inner muse and let her take you on an incredible journey!


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