Marketing Tip: Offer a Discount Price

When self-publishing, you typically can change the price of your books at will, and with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, and more, you can quickly spread the word about your sale to thousands of people.

The idea of a discount is to undercut your competitor’s prices, so make sure your sales price actually does that. In addition, you may want to time your discount to a period when others would be interested in purchasing your book…a book about ghosts works well in October, a romance book in the weeks before February, a travel guidebook in spring before the summer vacation season starts.

You might even consider offering your book for free. That’s a good idea if you have other books to sell or if your book is intended to sell people on purchasing your services or other products. The reader will view your free book as a bargain, and hopefully they’ll be impressed enough by your writing to buy your other books or to purchase your services/products. Of course, you must include information about your other books/services/products in the book you offer for free; be sure to include links in your ebook to a site where they can be ordered.