Five Great Quotations about Sex in Writing

“I wonder why murder is considered less immoral than fornication in literature.” – George Moore

“Sex almost always disappoints me in novels. Everything can be said or done now, and that’s what I often find: everything, a feeling of generality or dispersal. But in my experience, true sex is so particular, so peculiar to the person who yearns for it. Only he or she, and no one else, would desire so very much that very person under those circumstances. In fiction, I miss that sense of terrific specificity.” – Anatole Broyard

“Literature is all, or mostly, about sex.” – Anthony Burgess

“I suspect that one of the reasons we create fiction is to make sex exciting.” – Gore Vidal

“If the sex scene doesn’t make you want to do it – whatever it is they’re doing – it hasn’t been written right.” – Sloan Wilson