Include note asking readers to post a review

One of the quickest ways to generate an online book sale is to ensure you have reviews posted about your title. Research indicates that readers interested in buying a book often look at posted reviews – especially those written by everyday people – to determine if they should make the purchase or move on. To that end, rather than pay or beg someone to write a review, instead simply include a note at the end of your book that says something like, “If you enjoyed this book, please post a review of it online at… Thank you for your support.” Include the URL in the paperback and an actual link in the ebook. Especially with ebooks, in which reviews can be posted with a couple of taps of the screen, you’ll find a number of readers taking you up on your offer. Best of all, these reviews will be written by people who actually purchased your book and who actually read (and liked!) it.


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