Market your book by wearing your book title

When promoting your book, you always should have a website, send out press releases to bloggers and mainstream media, and arrange book readings/signings to ensure the title is properly promoted. But those aren’t the only things you can do. In fact, they may not be enough. One marketing effort you might want to consider is wearing your book title.

You’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a snappy book title, and if it’s a series you may even have a logo for it. So why not sell user-customized on demand products – a no-so-snappy name for T-shirt, coffee mugs, ink pens and other products – with your logo on it (see the photo at upper right of a T-shirt I sell for promoting my “Hikes with Tykes” guidebooks)? You’ll be surprised at the number of people who, noticing the title of your book on your T-shirt, will say it aloud and strike up a conversation with you about what it means. Now you can pitch your book to them. You might even be surprised who overhears your conversation and what that leads to!