Try these topics for email marketing campaigns

Anytime you use email marketing to encourage book sales, you’re engaging in a campaign. Such campaigns shouldn’t simply say “buy my book” but instead ought to deliver “news” to readers about your titles.

Given this, email marketing campaigns for your book should not be sent daily and usually not even weekly. A monthly campaign probably is satisfactory.

Some topics that can serve as the focus of your campaign include:
• Upcoming book release – This usually is sent a couple of days before a book is released. It is intended to stir interest and create anticipation.
• New book release – The day that the book comes out, announce it to readers and include links to where they can purchase it. Add a synopsis of the book but focus on the fact that the book is a new release and who it will appeal to.
• Blog or book tours – As you go on tour, whether it be online or at brick and mortar stores, let your subscribers know by announcing the tour and giving the dates and locations of your stops. Be sure to tell about the topics planned for each one of your visits.
• Special sales and promotions – If offering a giveaway, a free ebook via Kindle, or other bargain, readers will want to know. Be sure to include links to where readers can snare the deal and the date when the offer expires.
• Updates on your writing – Especially if you have multiple bestsellers, this can be very popular among your readers who also are writers. It should describe your writing journey, without giving away any plot spoilers, and raise anticipation of the book’s release.
• Blog post – During the lull between your book releases, reminding readers about your blog is a good way to keep them interested in you. It can generate more social media followers as well as increase sales of titles you’ve already released.
• Inspire other writers/readers – 
Quotations and an attractive picture that inspire writers and readers always are appreciated and generally are unobtrusive. Include your website on the photo so those who want to explore further, or those who see a repost of your quotation, know where to learn more about you and your books.


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