Writing Affirmation: Revising is my friend

Writers often don’t like to revise. Some view it as drudgery and would rather work on that new story idea they came up with today. A small arrogant few don’t think there’s anyway to improve their work.

For most of us, though, there’s a real discomfort in looking back at what we’ve written. It’s not so much the embarrassing misspelling that slipped through but an honest fear that there’s a glaring plot gap, that the imagery just doesn’t make sense, that the characters are flat and dull. In short, we don’t like to realize how “bad” of a job we’ve done!

That discomfort is a good thing, though. It means you have high standards and want to improve. The challenge now is to find ways to be a better writer, to not let the fear of our own self-criticism to overwhelm us.

Revising is the supportive, guiding voice we need at such times.

If you can recognize errors you’re making, you soon will pay attention to them in future writing sessions and not make those mistakes. This means more productive writing sessions: the quality of your writing will go up, increasing your confidence as a writer; and the quantity of your writing will rise, for self-confidence boosts your willingness to write for longer periods and at a faster pace.

Think of revising as a good friend who listens and to you and with friendly candor guides you to success.