Converse on blogs to boost your book sales

In the 21st century, getting out information about your books clearly involves social media. A good way to utilize social media is to participate in it – that is, to join conversations, even if they are only 140 characters long. The idea is that if you interact in a meaningful way, other social media users will look you up and ultimately some of them will purchase your books.

To increase the chances of such success, though, utilize an old school strategy: Get your interaction in as front of many eyes as possible. After all, television shows that draw the most viewers usually means more people will learn about their sponsors’ products than those television showers with the fewest viewers. Likewise, you want to focus the bulk of your interactions on those niche social media sites – such as blogs – that have the largest audiences.

First, you need to determine what those blogs are. Spend an evening or a few minutes each day for a week checking out those sites and ensuring their readers are the same one who would purchase your books. Eliminate from the list any site that wouldn’t be a good fit. At the same time, determine who has the largest number of followers. Usually blogs list their number of followers, but of not a way to further track their success is to check out the number of followers/friends they have on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Next, choose the three blogs with the most followers. Each day, write useful and intelligent comments responding to a current entry on these blogs. Avoid being argumentative or leaving short, lame comments like “Great post!” You want to be part of a upbeat conversation. Also be sure to subtly slip in on some of those posts that you are a published author. In addition, tweet or otherwise share those entries to your followers/friends.

After a few weeks of this, you’ll gain a positive reputation among the sites’ various readers. In addition, the blog’s owners even may ask you to contribute a post, which can lead to even more sales!