Tips for setting up your book presentation

Many book authors are happy to simply do what they enjoy most, which is write. You also have to promote your published books, though, and a time-honored way of doing so is by making public presentations, such as signings and readings at bookstores or other businesses that might carry your titles.

Usually these presentations allow you to get publicity for the event, meaning that those attending have a strong interest in your book’s topic. Such a captive audience can be introduced to other books you’ve written, increasing sales of your older titles.

Despite these benefits and the popularity of such presentations, there are too few resources for authors about how to set up and deliver them.

Like other authors, I spent a long time learning the hard way – through trial and error – how to handle signings, readings and presentations, and not just for a single book either. I’ve done them for my first novel and for a series of nonfiction books, as well as for a poetry collection. I’ve talked about my books to audiences at bookstores and at retailers. I’ve read to an audience of one and audiences of several dozen. I’ve delivered presentations at conferences and workshops. All of this experience informed not just my efforts as an author but made me an invaluable source for my editing clients.

Here are some of those tips:
• Determine if a book presentation is a good decision
• Potential locations for holding a book presentation
• Arranging a book presentation
How to deal with stage fright
• Checklist of steps for delivering a presentation


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