Get a hashtag for your book to generate sales

Especially if you have a series of books, you should create a hashtag for them. Doing so is a great way to increase your number of followers, which leads to increased book sales. Hashtags are easy for others to remember, and whenever your tweet gets retweeted, your post shared, or your photo perused, the hashtag – and an entry to your books – is shared with many others who may know nothing about your books.

A hashtag is easy to create. Simply come up with some short wording (such as your series’ title), place a hashtag in front of it, and in every social media posting your make that relates to your books, include it. For example, with my hiking guidebooks I use the hashtag #dayhikingtrails on every single tweet, Facebook post, Pinterest pin, Google+ post, Instagram photo and more related to my titles.

Always be sure to include this hashtag in the descriptions on your home page at each social media platform you use. Then, when someone clicks on the hashtag, your page likely will come up as an option. Those who are interested will follow you and even explore further – which means they’ll come across your books and hopefully make a purchase.