Five Great Quotes about the Business of Writing

“Write only if you cannot live without writing. Write only what you alone can write.” – Elie Wiesel

“If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn’t bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented.” – Stephen King

“There was a moment when I changed from an amateur to a professional. I assumed the burden of a profession, which is to write even when you don’t want to, don’t much like what you’re writing, and aren’t writing particularly well.” – Agatha Christie

“An author who gives a manager or publisher any rights in his work except those immediately and specifically required for its publication or performance is for business purposes an imbecile.” – George Bernard Shaw

“There’s no such thing as ‘no market’. Some books are just niche orientated that’s all.” – Jo Linsdell