Include these pages on your business website

Whenever creating a website for a business that springs from your books, you’ll want to include certain pieces of information on it.

All such websites should include the following six pages (though one or two of them can be combined):
• Home – This is the landing page where your potential clients will first learn about you. Because of that, you must clearly convey what your services are. Your pitch should focus on why you should be hired, which can be done by showing why you are the best at the services you offer.
• About the Service offered – This gives more detailed information about your services, such as a bulleted list of specific work that you’ll do for clients, a fee/rate schedule, and any special requirements you have in the way you conduct your business (such as a refund policy).
• Testimonials – Select comments that show the breadth of your skills and talents. Also try to show that you serve a wide range of clients.
• Bio – Your biography should not be long, say 300 words at the most. Emphasize your experience that makes you qualified to perform the service you offer. In addition, keep an upbeat, exuberant tone.
• About Your Books – Focus on those books related to your services. Include a thumbnail of the cover and a two-sentence summary of its contents. You can include titles unrelated to your service at the bottom of the web page.
• Contact – Always include a page in which potential clients can email you. Contacting you, after all, is what you want them to do!

In addition, include links to your blogs and social media, usually at the bottom of each page. You want people to follow and friend you at their favorite social media platform so that they follow your posts and stay up to date on your latest news.

Lastly, be sure to include a page about your services on your author’s site where you promote your books. The more ways people can discover your services, the better for your business!