Ways your main character can ultimately succeed

When reaching the climax of the story, the main character usually overcomes the central problem that he set out to solve. Still, this penultimate scene tends to play out differently from story to story so that no two tales that are truly original seem alike.

That’s because there are a number of ways that the character might succeed:
• Special ability – Your main character may possess a superhuman trait or know some unique skill that gives him the advantage.
• Special invention – Sometimes the main character might use a special weapon (often one he has made) or device that allows him to be victorious.
• Ingenuity – While the main character might be ingenious in creating a special weapon, what is meant here is outsmarting bad guy or being clever to overcome the situation. Think Odysseus outfoxing the cyclops.
• Courage – In a number of cases, the character will find the ability to overcome his inner fears or will simply take a big gamble. A good example of this is Henry Fleming in Stephen Crane’s “The Red Badge of Courage.”
• Cooperation – Working with others can lead to a solution. Usually such stories involve the main character deciding to cooperate with someone who he considers an enemy or less than an equal.
• Self-sacrifice – The only way to succeed for some main characters may be to sacrifice something of incredible importance to them, such as a loved one or their own life.