Do what unsuccessful writers won’t do

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do,” personal development expert Jeff Olson aptly wrote. At least where writing is concerned, that’s certainly true.

Indeed, creating a book, from the first line you pen to having a copy for sale at, requires effort, planning and often sacrifice.

The sacrifice comes in giving up some of those activities that you would otherwise do if not working on your book. You know, things like watching a television show you don’t even care for, going out to the nightclub, reading a magazine in your coziest chair, surfing the Internet for clothes or great deals on items you collect.

When you decide to do these other things rather than write, you make them a priority over your book. There’s nothing morally wrong with that. But it is a choice, and if you want to write and publish a book sooner rather than later, then you probably have to choose differently.

Following through on your choice often requires willpower and determination. Simply saying, “I won’t watch Netflix tonight but instead will write” is not enough. You actually must write during those 110 minutes that you could have watched the movie. Distractions like texting, taking a break for a “quick” game of solitaire, or answering emails aren’t permitted.

Determination also means blocking out those nasty inner demons that like to say: “I’m not a good writer”; “This is not a very good story idea”; “This never will sell”; and “I don’t know what to write next.” Don’t listen to those negative voices. Instead, write. Even if those voices are telling the truth, you can’t become a better writer, can’t develop a great story idea, can’t have a book to sell, and can’t know what to write next until you actually write something. Write, learn how to revise the bad, and keep writing without putting yourself down After all, even an Olympic track star stumbled when first learning to walk as a baby.

So, will you continue to be an unsuccessful writer or will you opt to become a successful one? It’s entirely your decision!