Use Reddit to promote young adult male books

If your book’s primary readership is young adult males, you may want to consider using the social media site Reddit.

The site allows registered users to post short blurbs and then links about the news and entertainment world, as well as various other topics. Users then can vote a story “up or “down.”

According to a Google Ad Planner’s report, about 3 in 5 Reddit users are male. The median age of users is 18-29. If you write books about sports or pen science fiction, this is your core audience.

Registering is easy enough, as you simply select a user name, a password, and an email address. To post, you’ll need to write a headline, add some text (which can include links), and choose a “subreddit,” which is a category where your post will appear.

If you write a blog that centers on your book or its topic, posting the headline of your blog entry, it the first paragraph or two, and a link to the entry, works well on Reddit. You don’t want to post a blatant advertisement for your book but instead provide interesting information. Your blog no doubt includes a link for purchasing your book, and anyone who discovers you through your blog post can click that link and buy.

As with most social media, Reddit helps make readers aware of you and your blog. For example, I write hiking books. My blog discusses hiking and includes links to where my hiking books can be purchased. By getting those interested in hiking to my site via articles on how to buy a hiking boot, great trails in Yosemite National Park, and tips for lightening your backpack, those who find my information useful hopefully will return to the blog to read other articles and eventually purchase one of my books.


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