Advertise your book via web widgets

Creating online advertisements for your book or website/blog promoting your writing is easier done than said – literally. All you need to do is create a web widget.

A web widget is an application that you can place on another person’s website or blog. For example, if you have your own blog about your book, you might create a widget that is a box feeding your most current blog entries in it; this box then could be placed on another person’s blog or website. A person visiting this other website or blog could click onto your widget and read your blog entry – and then hopefully find out about your book or business services. widget also can be made to be used on mobile phones, but we’ll primarily concern ourselves with a web widget.

You don’t need to know how to write software or be a webpage designer to create a widget. They easily can be built online at various websites – and often for free (though you’ll be limited to the templates they offer). To find online sites where you can create a widget, simply type “create free widget” into a search engine.

After creating a web widget, you’ll have a “code” that needs to be placed on a website or blog in the html version of the site. Your widget then will pop up. Whatever you do, don’t lose this code!

Once you create a widget, the next step is to distribute it as far and wide as possible. As with your press releases, the more widgets you can get out there, there greater your chances of being seen; contact other bloggers who write about your topic, clients you might have offered writing services to, or friends and family who also blog or have websites, and see if they’ll post your widget on their website. You may have to post their widget on your website in exchange for the favor, though.


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