Affirm your belief in beauty by writing

Perhaps what sets us apart from the animal kingdom is that we create art. Yes, chimps and elephants both have made paintings while whales and dolphins sing, but no animal on the planet other than humans create with such frequency and variety – clothing, paintings, music, sculpture, architecture, dance, decorative displays, and of course, literature.

The act of creating itself is beautiful if only because so little else expresses our humanity – or our uniqueness as an individual…or imitates and therefore honors our Creator…or brings pleasure to others who experience what we’ve created…or expands our understanding of the universe and all contained within it.

Writing is creation. Through writing, we can understand what being human means. We can understand our own self. We can express the word of God. We can bring laughter and tears and deep introspection to our readers. We can store and share knowledge so others may lead better lives.

By writing, you partake in something greater than yourself. Pick up pen and paper or take a seat at your computer today and create something of beauty.