Don’t let personal turmoil stymie your writing

All too often, problems in a writer’s life negatively affects the ability to write. Never mind that the personal issue requires attention, draining away valuable writing time. The issue itself distracts the mind, so that rather than focusing on a manuscript, the writer finds this turmoil dominating one’s thoughts.

In short, unable to concentrate, the writer is unable to be creative.

Rather than think of turmoil as an obstacle to writing, though, embrace the opportunities it provides.

Good writers see every situation as an idea for a story. Indeed, as a good reader you’ve probably noticed there are any number of books out there deal with the issues you face, that examine the very themes of your life.

How you work your way through this turmoil, the solutions you contemplate and either attempt or reject, the emotions you experience during this difficult time, all make for a great story. You have plot and characters right before you. Now you can add your own perspective to the pool of literature about this topic, and you have theme.

While turmoil may prevent you from writing at the moment, you certainly can take notes and even outline.

And once you start writing, you likely will find it cathartic. Why?

Because you control your story. While you may not be able to control the variables affecting your personal life, that’s not so with your tale. You are the god shaping the universe on your computer screen or notebook.

That’s why you always can say to yourself, “My writing is in my control.”


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