How to keep your YouTube momentum going

After you’ve made several videos and see more sales and business because of it, you need to keep the momentum going. If you rest thinking you’ve achieved success, you’ll soon find yourself in a situation that will be like you had never posted at all. Remember, more than 300 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you put your efforts in park, your success soon will stall.

There are several steps you can take to ensure you don’t lose momentum.

Quality content
Don’t suffer from fatigue and just put out a video to simply have something new posted. If not of high quality, people won’t come back to it. You’ll actually lose momentum! Putting in the effort to ensure quality will be worth it.

Stay short
YouTube viewers tend to prefer shorter videos, which receive more views and comments then longer videos. Videos shorter than 10 minutes generally are considered short while those over that mark are long. Keep producing the optimal length video rather than: 1) putting out an even shorter one just for sake of posting a video; and 2) putting out a longer one because your creativity is brimming and you have more to say.

Post regularly on a schedule
If you have a new video coming out once a week, then make sure it is posted the same minute/hour and the same day of the week every time. Viewers who like your videos will look forward to that day/time and get used to checking out your latest post on schedule. If viewers keep coming back to your site to see if you’ve posted and don’t find anything new, they’ll quickly tire of doing so and find another website that is reliable.

Constantly try new keywords
Producing the best quality video with the most useful (or entertaining) content possible is only part of the equation in standing out among all those videos. You also need to ensure potential viewers can find you. Achieving that requires including the right keywords. Unfortunately, the keywords potential viewers use are wide ranging and can evolve over time. Your challenge is to make sure you’re using the most popular keywords at all times and to constantly incorporate them into your videos and their descriptions.

Remain original
Whatever you do, don’t copy exactly what others are doing simply because they’re more successful. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but copying also is unoriginal and usually not as well done. Instead, remain true to yourself, which is what attracted your current and growing base of followers.

Interact with your viewers
Always thank viewers. Do so as the video ends. Do so when they leave comments. Do so when they respond to your tweets, when they write you fan mail, when they see you in public. You will gain even more die-hard fans who will regularly tell others about you.