Add ‘click to tweet’ button to your promotions

With Twitter one of the most used social media services, indie authors obviously are smart to use it. But creating buzz – that is, getting your tweet to be seen by more than a few random people who might be online within a few seconds of when you’ve tweeted a message, is difficult.

To solution is simple. Have others tweet the same message at several times of the day for you.

Getting that done is as simple as adding a “click to tweet” button on your messages to other people.

That is easier to accomplish than you might think. A number of independent companies offer the service; type “click to tweet” into a search engine to locate them.

Once you’ve signed up for such a service, all you need to do is compose the message that you want tweeted. Most of the services have a simple on-screen box in which you can do this. Be sure to follow principles of good tweet writing to ensure your message will be most successful. Usually you can add hashtags to the message.

Once you’ve composed the message, the service generates html coding that you then can cut and paste into various outreach efforts, such as newsletters, websites, or greeting cards that are created with html coding.

When sending those promotional materials to others, ask them to tweet your message. Because it’s one click, it’s easy for readers to do, and a number of them will. The end result isn’t a single message that receives 10,000 clicks over a few hours but 10,000 messages that say the same thing spread out over several months.

Arguably, the latter is just as beneficial – if not more so – than the former. Think of it this way: a radio commercial broadcast hundreds of times over several weeks will attract more attention than a commercial broadcast just once.

Many of the click to tweet services also allow you to create multiple message buttons that can be accessed via a dashboard and modified later.


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