Like the rising sun, my writing casts an ever-widening light upon the world

The hours before dawn mark the darkest hours, when seeing even a few feet in front of you is difficult. As night’s blanket has covered the world for several hours, the wind blows its coldest and the ground is at its dampest.

And then, at last, a thin line of orange appears on the horizon. The sky about it lightens from an impenetrable black to a friendly blue, and soon tree leaves and sides of buildings shimmer in the glow of the rising sun. Dawn reawakens the world, gives it a fresh start, a new hope.

Your writing – once published – can have the same effect.

As a unique human being, you can offer the world a perspective that was never considered before, can synthesize disparate ideas that offer new insights and solutions, can inspire people to work for great causes and to shift their views away from those that are dark and unjust.

Granted, few books have had such a remarkable impact that they utterly altered human history. But each book published contributes, for better or for worse, to the improvement of humanity. Movements cannot occur, after all, without the press and push of millions of individuals; likewise, shifts in consciousness often occur when thousands of books on an idea are published. Perhaps your book is not as revolutionary as Mohammed’s Koran or Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, but it may help direct a new course in thinking that allows for a work of such magnitude to make its impact.

Or perhaps your book will inspire a lone, single reader to take up writing or a cause, and her efforts lead to a titanic change in history. Or perhaps she will pass those ideas on to one of her children, who will have such an effect. History is littered with stories and poems and songs that energized others to improve the world. Perhaps such works of art are relegated to footnote status, but their impact reshaped and now drives civilization.

By never publishing, though, you shun an opportunity to make a positive difference. You diminish your potential to change the world.

You allow the world to remain in blackness a little longer.


My name is Rob Bignell. I’m an affordable, professional editor who runs Inventing Reality Editing Service, which meets the manuscript needs of writers both new and published. I also offer a variety of self-publishing services. During the past decade, I’ve helped more than 300 novelists and nonfiction authors obtain their publishing dreams at reasonable prices. I’m also the author of the 7 Minutes a Day… writing guidebooks, four nonfiction hiking guidebook series, and the literary novel Windmill. Several of my short stories in the literary and science fiction genres also have been published.