Is your formatted manuscript ready to upload?

After formatting the paperback, you’re ready to upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing. Uploading means providing KindleDP with a manuscript that it can use to print your book and with information that Amazon can use to create a web page to sell your book. 

Before uploading, you can make sure you’re ready to by taking a few steps.

First, you’ll need to set up an account with KindleDP. Your Amazon and KindleDP accounts are linked, so when you sign up for the latter, you’ll be asked to enter your Amazon username and password. You can set up a KindleDP account separate from your Amazon account, but doing so requires that you use a different email address than that for your existing Amazon account; in addition, KindleDP then will create an Amazon account for you using your KindleDP sign-ins. You’ll then have two Amazon accounts. You can create a KindleDP account at

Next, you’ll want to write your book description. Since you’ve already created a book cover for your paperback, you can use the blurb on your back cover as your description. Make sure you have a copy of this blurb saved in Microsoft Word or some other easy to access word processing program so that you can cut and paste it into the appropriate box when uploading your manuscript.

Also write an author’s bio. While this won’t be uploaded with your manuscript, you’ll later use it to create an Author Central page at Amazon. You can include your author’s bio at the end of the blurb that you upload with your manuscript as well.

You’ll also want to research the keywords you’ll use to promote your book. When uploading, you can enter up to seven words or phrases (each no longer than 25 letters) that you suggest Amazon bring up your book for when someone types one of them into a search engine. Obviously if you can guess the seven most likely words that someone who wants to read your book would use to find it, you could sell a lot of copies. This can be done by looking at books similar to yours at Amazon and seeing what words frequently appear in their titles and book descriptions.

In addition, you’ll want to finish your cover so it is ready to be uploaded. The book cover should be a single PDF in which the front cover, back cover and spine are designed as one piece. There’s a lot to know about cover design and meeting KindleDP’s standards for an acceptable cover, so you may want to check out Design Your Paperback Cover in this series.

Lastly, determine the price for your book. As you’re a new author, you’ll want to undercut your competition’s prices. Take a look at books similar to yours on Amazon for their prices. Determine an average and charge at least a penny but no more than a dollar less for your book.

Of course, you can wait until uploading your book to do all of these steps. By taking care of them in advance, though, you can upload your book in less than a half-hour, while waiting stretches out the uploading process to a whole afternoon if not a few days.


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