Media kit useful for promoting your book

Q: A lot of guides to promoting a self-published book recommend that authors put together a “media kit.” What is a “media kit”? 

To effectively market your book, you’ll need a media kit. This is a collection of materials that you send to newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines, bloggers and just about anyone else who might in some way mention your book. Sometimes it’s referred to as a press kit. A media kit provides reporters, bloggers and reviewers with basic information they need to write about your book and you. In some cases, the media and bloggers will do nothing more than reprint your material. Sometimes they may edit it a little, other times they may write something based on the information you provided. The best response is when your media kit generates enough interest that a reporter or a blogger contacts you for an interview, because it probably means publicity that gets better play in their publication, broadcast or website.

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