Writing Inspiration: Trigger your creativity

Do you feel unmotivated to write? As if you aren’t inspired anymore? Then ask what triggers you to write and place yourself in those situations that will flip your creativity’s on switch.

Do you write by chance – that is when you encounter strange juxtapositions in life? Then go to those places where vastly different ideas abut one another. Maybe that’s an art museum, a folk music concert, or a restaurant of an unfamiliar cuisine. Let the experiences at those locations run against your preconceived notions.

Do you write by cues – that is when you discover questions and problems that need resolving? Then read those books that offer such dilemmas. Perhaps they are philosophical tomes on ethics, a collection of poetry, or writing prompts. Allow the puzzles they offer up to fire your imagination by testing how characters in your story might answer them.

Do you write by resolve, that is to accomplish a goal? Then block out time at a comfortable spot, such as a coffeehouse or a restaurant table overlooking a lake, to journal, pen blog entries, to work on your novel. Tell yourself that today you with words you will ask questions, start conversations, and discover the truth.

Boarding yourself up on in a gray room to write only will dull your senses and your imagination. Instead, today go find an open plaza full of color and let it send you on a trip of creativity!


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