Five Great Quotations about Storytelling

“I write in blood because I remember what it felt like to bleed.” – Sherman Alexie

“The principles of storytelling do not change. Going home. Coming of age. Sin and redemption. The hero. The journey, The power of love. They are hardwired into us, just like our taste buds process sweet, sour, bitter, and salt. Can a new voice come up with something startling and creative and unprecedented? Absolutely. Can they invent a fifth taste? No. No, they can’t. Can they make it so we don’t like sweet anymore? No, no they can’t.” – Chris Dee

“Some of these things are true and some of them lies. But they are all good stories.” – Hilary Mantel

“Sooner or later every writer evolves his own definition of a story. Mine is: A reflection of life plus beginning and end (life seems not to have either) and a meaning.” – Mary O’Hara

“An awful lot of storytelling isn’t really about making people understand — it’s about making people care.” – Steven Moffat